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The Smitten Mitten Expedition

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When Miranda was diagnosed with Severe Crohn's Disease and was unable to go out into the community and volunteer as she did in the past, that was when The Smitten Mitten Expedition was born.  Miranda took up her crochet hook and with donations of yarn from family and friends locally and across the U.S she has been making hats, scarves, ear warmer headbands, hand warmers, etc since 2009 to help keep the homeless and poor warm each winter in South/Central Ohio.  Miranda Donates her crocheted items to a men's shelter in Ross County Ohio, a women and children shelter in Pickaway County Ohio, and a ministry that works with at risk youth within the Columbus City School District in Franklin County Ohio


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Smitten Mitten Expedition?

A: It's a group of people who either donate or get together to create Hats, scarfs, gloves, or mittens to help keep the homeless and needy in our community warm each winter


Q: What does the Smitten Mitten Expedition do with the items that are made?

A: The items created are given to homeless or poor for FREE!


Q:What if I am not skilled in making things can I still help?

A: Yes! You can assist those who need items by donating yarn. You can also buy pre made hats scarves, mittens etc to give to local shelters and organizations


Q:Do I have 2 live near U 2 help the Smitten Mitten Expedition?

A: No! You can start your own Smitten Mitten Expedition in your area to reach those in need.

For those interested in helping us with the Smitten Mitten Expedition and making a yarn donation please email us at THANKS!

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